What You Need to Know

Sometimes you need to step back and look at the bigger picture. That’s where CMS can help with consulting services to help you capture the right vision for your goals and objectives, come up with a marketing plan that fits your core audience, and implement it through targeted advertising.

Need Help? Just Ask Us

With our consulting services, we can help you draw out a strategy to best identify and meet your organizational objectives.



Find out key information about your audience and demographics


Make a financial plan that maximizes impact and minimizes cost


Map out the best strategy that fits your budget and meets your needs

Direct Mail and E-mail Marketing

We know that in today’s business climate, you have to be able to both work to retain existing customers while also building new relationships, and communication is a key part of that. Let CMS plan your next direct mail or E-mail blast – we can help you craft messages to do both.

Copywriting & Public Relations

When it comes to your business, perception is everything. Crafting the right language in your press releases or other media can dictate success or failure. Let us help you come across the right way, every time.


Your advertising should be targeted as much as possible to the audience you want to reach and the message you want to send. We can help you find the right way to use your advertising dollars for any one of a number of advertising strategies.

Media Buys

Targeted advertising on media most suited to your marketing goals


Print & Digital Advertising

Traditional print sources (newsprint, magazines, etc.) and digital media (mobile advertising, social media ads)


One of the most complicated forms; best for concise messages with strong imagery


Transportation Advertising

Economical with no wasted circulation – vehicle lettering and wraps, transit ads


Traditional forms like radio and television, requiring consistency for measurable results