We were delighted when Solsa American Burrito Company, a new fast casual restaurant in Decatur, IL, came to us to help establish their image and set them up with a website and various other supporting materials. Solsa delivers amazing food, custom made, with a mix of flavors and a definite American twist.

Stylish Branding

Solsa needed a logo that showcased both their unique flavor and their distinctly American style. Of course, we were more than happy to oblige.

Custom Site Design

Solsa didn’t just need a simple website — they needed a website that could show customers their delicious options in a way that made sense of their process. Our split-screen design for their website gave them the best of both worlds.

Printed Displays

To help guide customers through the process, we designed several printed signs for the restaurant’s interior.

Digital Displays

For Solsa, the right solution to displaying their menu was a set of digital displays with each of their main items.

In Print

Not everything Solsa needed was digital. We also designed to-go menus and other printed materials for use in the restaurant.