The quick answer is 2 to 5 years but it depends on the type of business and the site. Some factors to consider are how fast the business is changing. Does it no longer accurately reflect your business now and in the future? Do you run a lot of promotions or events? Are you in the technology and/or high image field? Do your visitors have high expectations on how the site performs? Does your site look narrow on your screen? Does it strengthen the business brand? Is it difficult or impossible to update? Do you rely on search engine traffic for your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the website’s lifespan is likely not reaching its fullest potential. Now, you can keep the website active longer after it’s outlived its usefulness. But why risk problems later down the road or be embarrassed by an out-of-date site?

In fairness there are ways to try and keep the site as long as possible. We can update the home page design as long as the framework can withstand it or update some pages. If all possibilities have been reviewed, be prepared to make the tough decision to redesign.

The next tough realization is that there is no way to future-proof a website. Things change. Technologies change. Web users expectations change. And as your business changes, your website should change to reflect those demands.

If you have a website that is needing an update please, keep CMS in mind. We develop websites that will meet your needs.

Image: Pixabay