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Website Design Trends – We Can Do It

Posted on May 12 by

Website design is changing again with interactive being the main thrust of the looks this year. The biggest design trends include grid layouts, flat design, background videos,...


April 2015 Business Journal Ask the Pro

Posted on Apr 1 by

Why Change a Logo? After a business name is established, the next step is to have a logo designed. A logo is meant to last for many years but sometimes a rebranding is needed. My...


New CMS Logo

Posted on Apr 1 by

Drum Roll, Please! Cymbals crash together and a spotlight is turned on at the exact same time! CMS Announces New Branding! We are pleased to show you our new logo and branding...


Ask the Pro February 2015

Posted on Jan 28 by

Q. What Are The Differences Between Mobile Friendly, Mobile Optimized, and Responsive? A. Making a website mobile ready is really high on the list for businesses as more and more...


Ask The Pro December 2014

Posted on Dec 1 by

Q. Does a domain name need to be the same as the business name? A. Yes and no. It is difficult to find good domain names and it is not an easy task to find one that will fit a...


Social Strategy

Posted on Jun 17 by

A social media strategy is more than just posting an update informing people that a new product or service is on sale. It’s more than just sharing a piece of relevant...