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Social Media Data

Posted on Sep 1 by

There isn’t any doubt that social media impacts people’s lives. Consider this recent snap shot from the Pew Research Center: 71% of online adults use Facebook; 23% use Twitter; 26% use Instagram; 28% use Pinterest; 28% are on LinkedIn. And fully 40% of smartphone owners use a social networking site on their phones; 28% do so on any given day. The numbers are staggering. Each day consumers are communicating with pictures, sound, and written posts on social media; and in the process, they’re leaving behind a trail of precious, personal data for marketers to discover their preferences. It also provides insight into what motivates the consumers. Why was a brand Liked and what do you care about and who are you as a person. Social media data can give marketers the information to better understand a product or service that a customer prefers. This helps them to prepare a marketing plan that will speak to the masses with a targeted...


The Numbers

Posted on Jul 31 by

Did you know? 52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites. 59% vs. 37% Teen girls are more likely than teen boys to disable location-tracking features. 87% online adults who say the Internet and cell phones have improved their ability to learn new things. 72% Internet users like having so much information on the web. 26% Internet users say they feel overloaded by the information on the...


Color Has Meanings – What are they?

Posted on Jul 1 by

The selection of color for a logo can set a standard on how is business is perceived. Even the message in an advertisement can trigger emotions. The secret to effective color selection is dependent on the type of industry the company represents. The color Red can activate action, decision-making, love, and power. It can be great to stand for energy, urgency and danger. Black evokes depth and perception, power, formality, elegance, and is best used for copy or design elements. Orange can trigger mental activity and an appetite as well as enthusiasm, success, happiness and creativity. Yellow stimulates mental activity and is popular for attention-getting copy. It can stand for cheerfulness, sunshine and intellect. The color Green prompts feelings of restfulness and safety. It is good from financial, safety and green products. It stands for growth, money, freshness and safety. Blue has a calming effect and is most popular brand color. It stands for depth, stability, intelligence and precision. Purple evokes a sense of mystery or royalty and is good for luxury brands. Power, nobility, luxury and wealth is...


Loyalty, What is it?

Posted on Jun 4 by

There is a way to establish a sense of loyalty to a brand (product or service) and encourage repeat business. It is important not only for the business to succeed but to grow so that they can enlarge its need to the consumer or client. Did you know that 2 out of 3 consumers say that the number of companies or brands they consider for purchase has increased significantly compared to 10 years ago. 40% of the consumers find themselves evaluating or considering other providers more often. 25% of the consumers felt very loyal toward their providers or were willing to recommend them in 2014. 64% of the consumers switched a provider in at least one industry due to poor customer service. 60% of the consumers said that they’re more likely to switch from one provider to another compared to 10 years ago. We know the last fact is due to the use of social media. It is what the individual is clicking on when watching videos, watching a webcast, reading an article online, or commenting, email newsletters, etc....


Website Design Trends – We Can Do It

Posted on May 12 by

Website design is changing again with interactive being the main thrust of the looks this year. The biggest design trends include grid layouts, flat design, background videos, and responsive design. These trends have been defined by asking 20 of the top brightest designers, developers and thinkers in our industry. Make the background image big. It grabs attention and it can bring a site completely together with its purpose. Sometimes the navigation is hidden with a small icon or removed and the verbiage on the image is limited to just a few words. This also helps when viewing the site on different devices. Innovative scrolling. This is when the mouse is moved either horizontally or vertically, the background or color can change. It adds a different twist to a website and can make it quite interesting to see the transition. Flat design. This technique has been hailed as “king” in the website design realm. It has been around for numerous years and will be for quite some time. This works great for icons, menus and illustrations. Tiles. A cool way...


April 2015 Business Journal Ask the Pro

Posted on Apr 1 by

Why Change a Logo? After a business name is established, the next step is to have a logo designed. A logo is meant to last for many years but sometimes a rebranding is needed. My business, Creative Media Services, Inc. (CMS) just recently repositioned itself. We have a new vision and we want to communicate it to a new audience in this marketplace. CMS has grown and it was necessary to launch a new campaign that would appeal to the new market. It was also important to us to remain relevant with our services while current with our clients’ demands. Our font has changed as well as the design of the logo. One thing that has stayed consistent was our colors and business name. Since our inception (2001), CMS has grown to include many more services; which includes web development, SEO, Pay-per-Click, and other online services. The older logo did not portray that image of being tech savvy in the marketing field. There are several other reasons a company may need to rebrand themselves. It could be the company...